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  • Amber Barnhart, BA, Masters Level Intern

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    Amber Barnhart, BA, Masters Level Intern

    Amber believes that it is an honor and a privilege to help guide people through their mental health concerns with anxiety, depression, trauma, and the stress associated with the immigration process. She is currently studying to obtain her master’s degree in clinical mental health and completing her internship practicum under the guidance of Dr. Cassandra Kandah, PhD, LCP and Mary Maraventano-Stried, LPC. Her experiences while studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Valparaiso, Chile not only provided the right opportunity for her to become fluent in Spanish, but inspired an appreciation for the challenges associated with the immigration process. Her experiences as a foreigner in another country has dramatically shaped her worldviews and self-perspective. Amber uses evidence-based approaches, in addition to a culturally sensitive approach, to heal the people she cares for. Amber focuses on helping individual who are either under-insured or have difficulty in affording the typical prices associated with therapy. For a free 15-minute consultation, or to directly schedule an appointment with her, please click the link below.

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