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Stress can manifest in our life in a number of ways. Sometimes it is triggered by a traumatic event, difficulties in your relationship, problems at work, or a recent diagnosis of a medical condition. Other times, stress can feel like it can come out of nowhere. Despite the cause, these instances can leave us feeling vulnerable, lost, or like we have lost our footing.


Have you been getting in arguments with your loved ones, because you have been “keyed up” or just feeling irritated. Or maybe you have been experiencing problems sleeping because you can’t stop worrying. These could be symptoms of anxiety, which can be caused by a number of factors, such as a traumatic event, a major change in your life, and/or a recent medical diagnosis.


Depression does not always mean that you feel sad. It can feel like you no longer have any interest in the things you previously enjoyed. You may have a change in your appetite, where you eat too much or too little with associated weight gain or losses.


A number of events can be considered to be traumatic if they are directly experienced, witnessed, or occurred to someone you love. Instances of sexual assault or physical abuse, being forced to migrate from your home country, experiencing war, car accident, a diagnosis of cancer or an other terminal illness are all examples of what can be defined as traumatic; however, it should be noted there are many other things that could also be considered.

Medical Conditions

Being recently diagnosed with a medical condition can be overwhelming and confusing. It is not uncommon to begin to experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression due to a recent diagnosis related to, but not limited to: mild cognitive impairment, dementia, traumatic brain injury, stroke, cancer, transplant, pregnancy/fertility concerns, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes.

In addition to feeling the stress associated with a recent diagnosis, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed due to dealing with insurance and medical bureaucracy. There can be all these new rules and routines to follow along with attending a multitude of doctors appointments.