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  • Janelle Peatross, MA, Certified Health Coach

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    Janelle Peatross, MA, Certified Health Coach

    In 2010, Janelle obtained her Master of Arts in clinical exercise physiology from Minnesota State University. Soon after graduating, she began her career in Cardiac Rehabilitation. During the initial 10 years of her experience, she assisted heart attack survivors, open heart surgery participants, and heart transplant recipients back to a healthier lifestyle pattern.

    Throughout that experience, she heard many stories from her patients. More regularly than not, Janelle heard a common theme in these stories. Her patients would often tell her that during high school they were quite active and participated in a number of sports. Once they had children and got married, understandably, it became challenging to find the time to care for themselves. Over time, they started gain weight and doctors began to be concerned about their health. Despite these concerns, it felt impossible for them to develop the right habits, or even know where to begin on getting back to the active person they once were. Crash diets were tried. Fun exercise trends were started and quickly terminated. Nothing could help their consistency in maintaining routines and habits that could benefit their life. Hearing these stories over the years inspired her to become a certified health coach.

    Janelle now uses her expertise to encourage and educate people on how they can find their own way back towards a Healthy Life, before it is too late. She believes that people are capable of creating the lifestyle they have always wanted and deserve. She takes pride in working with her clients, uses evidenced-based approaches, and individualizes each health plan. Janelle knows that with her guidance, people can develop habits and get back to the person they have been missing. For a free first appointment with Janelle, MA, CHC, please click the link below.

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