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  • Why Healthy Life Coaching

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    About Healthy Life Coaching

    A health journey is not just about weight loss, it is about revolutionizing your approach to your lifestyle. At Healthy Life Coaching, we created a program that consists of an individualized approach to help you establish sustainable ways to maintain weight loss by guiding you on how to have a healthy lifestyle routine. We accomplish this by using evidence based approaches to motivate you to create better habits around several key areas that are shown to lead to a healthier lifestyle and more sustainable weight loss.

    We focus on teaching our clients first about self-love and confidence. We believe that self-love and compassion are the fuel that will keep your health journey going. Without these components, your motivation will stall, and you could lose sight of your goals. 

    All clients are given individualized exercise and nutritional plans with guidance and accountability. These plans are intended to match your readiness for change and the long-term health goals that you have. With accountability and flexibility, you can create the lifestyle that you have always wanted.


    All Healthy Life Coaches have up to a master’s level in education and are certified. They also participate in extensive training to learn Motivational Interviewing and other evidence based approaches to weight loss to ultimately help you accomplish your goals.

    Services Offered

    We help you create individualized habits around each of the following areas.

    • Meal Planning
    • Individual Exercise Plan
    • Nutrition Education
    • Grocery Store Guidance
    • Appetite Awareness
    • Mindful Eating
    • Menu Selection
    • Access to your coach via e-mail and text in-between sessions for questions.
    • Self-Compassion Education
    • Time Management Tips
    • Communication and boundary setting education.
    • How to create healthier habits by setting smarter goals. 
    • Reassessment of goals and Review of Progress


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